The company Solutions and Support UAB is independent engineering and multidisciplinary company based in Lithuania. We have the long term experience working for the Martine industry with the products such as vacuum system, pressure vessels, hydraulic systems, waster water handling facilities, waste handling facilities and incinerators, electrical control cabinets and their programming. Solutions and Support can offer the production and professional supervision of the various units such as steel constructions, mechanical units, tanks and other facilities with the acceptable prices at Lithuanian manufacturers. The company has a good experience, close and long term relationships with the local manufacturers. That has helped for our Clients to reduce the production price as well as production quality has been improved. Because of our long term experience in a cruise ship business, we know very well how big is importance in the terms of production and in other stages of the preparation for manufacturing.

As ship borne waste treatment specialists, our goal is to provide our customers with state of the art technology expertise on various fields from project management until ship systems operation, in order to make their ships green.

Our range of services covers project management, system design and optimisation, installation and commissioning, ship operation and spare parts supply.